The Regulations of the Event

  1. The Subject of the Regulations
    1. These regulations (the Regulations) specify the terms of participation in the event (the Event). If the terms of participation are specified also elsewhere, for instance in the Event description, facility regulations, application form or order for Event-related services, the Regulations shall supplement such documents and shall be applicable to the extent not governed therein. If participation in the Event and related services are paid for, the document specifies conditions for the provision and settlement of mutual performances.
    2. The Event organiser (the Organiser) shall be an entity indicated in the Event description or application form.
    3. The Regulations shall apply to such Events as a congress, conference, gathering, tournament, meeting, symposium, convention, forum, training session, exhibition, fair, ball, banquet, concert or any other sport, cultural or artistic event for which the Organiser has requested for these Regulations to be accepted or when the Organiser has provided these Regulations in connection with the given Event so that they can be kept and reproduced in the normal course of operations. For the avoidance of doubt, the Regulations shall be deemed accepted also through participation in the Event or payment for participation or a related service.
    4. If the Regulations do not provide otherwise, they shall be binding for all the Event participants, i.e. individuals who register for the Event, including on somebody else’s behalf or as representatives of any institutions or companies, or who actually participate in the Event as visitors, spectators, guests, exhibitors, partners, sponsors, moderators, speakers or their representatives (the Participant). For the avoidance of doubt, any person who has expressed their will to enter the facilities where the Event is held and who has been allowed to enter such facilities shall be deemed a Participant.
    5. The Participants must be adults unless the Organiser has also given individual consent for participation to other individuals. If a person below 13 years of age is allowed to participate in the Event, their legal guardian shall be responsible for such person’s compliance with the Regulations.
    6. If the right to participate in the Event has been acquired through other entities, including via ticket sale websites, the Participant shall be also bound by acquisition terms set forth by such entities.
  2. Registration and Participation in the Event
    1. In order to participate in the Event, the person in question needs to be registered through the application form submitted to the Organiser via an on-line registration system or otherwise as specified by the Organiser. In the case of Events or participation available against payment, the payment of a relevant fee, the order or the presentation of an entry ticket shall be required in order to participate in the Event or obtain related services, either instead of or in addition to the aforementioned registration.
    2. In the application form, the order or elsewhere, the Organiser shall specify requirements and the Participant’s data needed for registration for the given Event, for the acquisition of the right to participate in the Event or for using specific services. If this is justified by the nature of the Event, by the fact that participation is free of charge or by restrictions related to the facilities, the Organiser may refuse the registration or may make the registration of a given person dependent on additional verification, additional consent for using their data or on a specific date of applying.
    3. In the case of a registration made on behalf of another person and entering another person’s data, the individual entering such data guarantees that they have obtained the relevant authorisation for the registration, setting up an account or submitting representations required for the registration; further, such individual shall be responsible for the consequences of entering data not conforming with such authorisation. In the case of registration made for more than one person, the individual making the registration should make separate entries for each of them (with a separate account/e-mail address for each person registered for the Event).
    4. For some types of Participants, for example, journalists, exhibitors, guests, speakers or buyers of the VIP/Premium Zone services, the Organiser may establish special registration rules or rules governing their access to the facilities, in particular consisting in the registration being made by the Organiser itself or in using additional identification badges confirming the right to any given services (for example, photos). If the Participant is registered by the Organiser, the registration shall be made based on the data provided by the Participant, their representative or publicly available data.
    5. Information and representations connected with the participation in the Event or the order of additional related services shall be sent to the Participant’s e-mail address. The representations sent to such address shall be deemed delivered to the Participant who has been registered with the use of the given address. The Organiser must be notified of any changes to the address.
    6. The Participant’s data collected at the registration or in connection with the participation in the Event shall be processed in compliance with the Organiser’s Privacy Policy which represents an integral part of these Regulations. Each Participant shall read the Privacy Policy available at the following link.
  3. Rights and Obligations of the Organiser and of the Participants
    1. If the terms of participation in any given Event do not provide otherwise, the Organiser shall guarantee to the Participant access to the respective parts of the facilities where the Event is held and the form of participation and contact with other Participants appropriate to the nature of the Event, in exchange for the Participant’s open participation in the Event and for allowing the Organiser and other Participants to contact the Participant. It is not possible to participate in the Event anonymously, with the exception of specific cases and the Organiser’s consent.
    2. Due to the necessity to ensure security, comfort and the verifiability of the Participants’ rights, the Organiser shall identify Participants, for example, via individual accounts on the online registration website or via registered identification badges. The Organiser reserves the right to control and verify the Participant’s identity and their rights to enter the facilities and to use the Event-related services, e.g. in the form of a request to present an ID. If the Participant has failed to provide all the required data during the registration, refuses to show the ID or if there is any doubt as to the compliance of his data with the data included on the ID, the Organiser has the right to control and verify their identity in some other available manner, for example by requesting the Participant to present their documents during the Event.
    3. The Event will be recorded in photographs and with the use of audio/video devices, including potential broadcasting thereof on radio, television or by other means allowing for public distribution in such a manner so that everybody can have access thereto in a place and time selected by them (for example, online). Participation in the Event is open; therefore, the Participant’s figure or image recorded individually or as an element of the greater picture may be, either deliberately or randomly, documented in photos, as audio or video files, and materials obtained in such a way may be distributed by the Organiser and press representatives for information and promotional purposes related to the Event, other Events and activities of the Organiser, Event sponsors and partners (including through websites, e-mail, social media and in the printed press). Notwithstanding the above, the Event may also be monitored for security reasons.
    4. The Organiser assumes that the Participant taking part in the Event accepts the possibility of the aforementioned recording and usage of their figure and image as an Event participant. If for any reason the Participant does not accept the aforementioned specific use of their image, they shall notify the Organiser thereof who will be then obliged to discontinue any such use with immediate effect or to base such use on a legal basis other than consent.
    5. If in connection with the registration for the Event, participation in the Event or using the Event-related services, the Participant provides the Organiser with any materials, for instance objects, biographical notes, photos, graphics or recordings, in order to use them or make them available in connection with the given participation, such submission shall represent authorisation for the Organiser together with events` sponsors and events` partners to use them in line with the agreed purpose, including on any sites publicising the Event and in the aforementioned recording or monitoring of the Event. The Participant guarantees that the usage of the aforementioned materials shall not infringe any rights of third parties.
  4. Order Regulations
    1. In the facilities, Participants may move exclusively within publicly available areas and communication tracts marked accordingly, in line with the instructions of the Organiser and of a facility manager.
    2. Event Participants should take part in the Event openly and in person, in particular they are not allowed to assign rights or parts of rights connected with registration or services as part of the Event onto any other individuals or to pass their identification badges or tickets to any other individuals. These rights may be assigned against other entities exclusively for force majeure reasons not attributable to the Participant, upon the Organiser’s approval.
    3. Subject to particular terms applicable in separate parts of the facilities where the Event is held or subject to the Organiser’s individual consent, within the facilities it is forbidden to: smoke cigarettes, use electronic cigarettes, drink alcohol, block communication tracts and emergency routes, use open fire and gas cylinders, use temporary power installation, bring any chemical substances onto the premises or block access by foot and by car to fire protection equipment and emergency cross-passages. The conditions and location of places in which it may be permitted to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or perform any of the above mentioned behaviours, will be determined solely by the Organizer.
    4. The facilities where the Event is held may not be entered with: firearms, pyrotechnic materials or any other hazardous materials, including those which can lead to fire or damage to property or health of the Participant or of any other individuals. This applies also to devices and materials related to assembly, adaptations or dismantling that can involve high temperatures or flammable chemical substances. In justified cases, entering the facilities with the aforementioned devices or materials shall be possible with special permission of the Organiser and of the facility manager and provided that they are used by individuals having respective authorisations and protection. Except for the cases specifically permitted by the Organizer, it is prohibited to transport or take out of the buildings or places indicated by the Organizer of any equipment of buildings or equipment associated with the course of a given Event.
    5. The Organiser shall not be responsible for protecting people and property, i.e. for any accidents, thefts or damage to property within the facilities where the Event is held unless the harm related thereto is attributable exclusively to the Organiser or if in a separate order the Organiser has undertaken to apply specific protection.
    6. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, shorten, change the date, timetable or agenda of the Event in the event of any force majeure circumstances preventing the Event from happening or in the event of any threat to the Participants’ life or health. In the above cases, the Organiser shall not be responsible for damage suffered by the Participants resulting from the cancellation or changing of the Event's date; further, in such cases, the Organiser is not obliged to return any fees already paid to the extent in which they cover costs already incurred by the Organiser.
    7. The Organiser shall have the right to refuse entry to the facilities where the Event is held or to remove from the facilities any individuals under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic drugs, persons who present an ID of a third person, refuse to show the ID or other identity document, and any other individuals whose behaviour is associated with aggression, violation of the principles of community life, poses a risk to personal property, assets, health, public order or morality. In the above cases, the Organiser is authorized to report such incident to security services or law enforcement authorities. The Organizer shall not be responsible for damage suffered by the Participants resulting from refusing entry to, or removing, the person in question from the facilities where the Event is held; further, in such cases, the Organiser is not obliged to return any paid fees connected with such participation.
  5. Exhibitors
    1. The right to participate in the Event in the capacity of an exhibitor and to book a particular space is granted based on a relevant order for the Event-related services. The exhibitor is the Participant with the right and obligation to use a specific area within the facilities or to use the time when a speech is delivered, for their own information or marketing purposes. To the extent not regulated in the order or in the Regulations, the terms of the exhibitor’s participation in the Event shall be also governed by facility rules applicable where the Event is held and by the provisions of the Civil Code on indefinite tenancy.
    2. The Organiser shall decide as to the location of an exhibition area. Brands, advertising materials, objects and the manner in which they are exposed as part of the exhibition time or area shall require the Organiser’s approval as regards their compliance with the nature of the Event, facility rental terms and accepted aesthetic and technical standards. The exhibitor shall be exclusively responsible for the compliance of the exposing thereof with the law, in particular with advertising or unfair competition regulations.
    3. The exhibitor shall adapt the area in an aesthetic and complete manner, appropriate to the nature of the Event and characteristics of the facilities. In the event of any irregularities in this regard, the Organiser is authorised to make the relevant changes at the exhibitor’s cost and risk (in the octanorm system, at an express service price). The terms and extent to which the given area is supplied with utilities shall be agreed separately with the Organiser.
    4. The Organiser’s consent shall be required for making the exhibition time or area available to other entities.
    5. The exhibitor undertakes to carry out necessary assembly, adaptations and dismantling within the time limits specified by the Organiser and by the manager of the facilities where the Event is held, which, however, will not go beyond the period agreed in the order for the Event-related services. In particular, any assembly and adaptations may not disrupt the preparations of the Organiser or other Participants, and they must be completed prior to the commencement of the Event, and dismantling must be carried out till the end of the last day of the given participation in the Event. Throughout the entire period agreed in the order, expositions dedicated for the exhibition areas must be available to other Participants in the Event, according to their use.
    6. The exhibitor is obliged to release back to the Organiser the exhibition area in the same condition in which it has been released to the exhibitor, free of any waste and objects, with such equipment as has been released to the exhibitor. The exhibitor shall be responsible, on a risk basis, for damage and any other harm related to the usage of the given area and equipment. The Organiser is authorised to remove any dirt, objects and damage at the exhibitor’s cost and risk.
    7. Art. 3 of the Regulations apply respectively to the exhibitors, materials, objects and individuals presented as part of the exhibition time or areas. In particular, access to the facilities and exhibition areas, including for the purpose of carrying out the adaptations, shall be granted only to the individuals authorised by the exhibitor that are registered for the Event or for which the exhibitor has obtained respective identification badges.
  6. Complaints and Final Provisions
    1. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel, shorten, change the date or the schedule/agenda of the Event in the event of force majeure preventing the Event or in the event of a threat to the life or health of the participants. In the above cases, the Organiser shall not be liable for damages to the participants resulting from the cancellation or changes in the dates of the Event, including costs related to transport or hotel reservations; in such a case, the Organiser shall not be obliged to reimburse the fees/remuneration already paid for the reservation of packages, places or other services, including to the extent that they cover the costs already incurred by the Organiser.
    2. Any complaints related to the exercise of the Participants’ rights in connection with participation in the Event must be reported to the Organiser in writing or via e-mail sent to, within three days as of the Event’s completion at the latest, and in any case not later than three days as of the occurrence of a circumstance giving rise to the complaint.
    3. Any changes to the Regulations shall be announced in the form in which the Regulations have been initially made available to the Participants, whenever possible two weeks in advance.


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