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Property Forum 2018

17-18 września 2018 • Warsaw, Sheraton Hotel

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Personal data processing - information clauses

  1. Polskie Towarzystwo Wspierania Przedsiębiorczości S.A. (PTWP SA) is the administrator of personal data collected during registration and creating an account and its subsidiary PTWP-ONLINE Sp. z o.o. who is supporting the registration system and the publisher of the websites (PTWP OL).
  2. The collected personal data shall be processed for the following purposes:
    1. registration for the event and opening an individual account in the registration system to allow access to the data, changes to the participant's data and access to other services provided by PTWP Group companies,
    2. identity verification when entering the site where the conference will be held, for printing and issuing of a relevant ID,
    3. additional identity verification when entering events or zones with controlled access (Premium Zone/VIP Zone, etc.),
    4. assisting in booking accommodation and its settlement,
    5. offering the possibility of verifying the attendants’ lists, for contacting and making appointments with other registered participants in the event using a dedicated online communicator and for mobile devices (available as an additional service),
    6. direct marketing of services and communication by PTWP Group companies with participants in writing, by e-mail or via telecommunication devices (telephones, text messages),
    7. disclosing data to the organisers, partners and sponsors of the event in order to support communication with the participants or marketing of their services – in writing, by e-mail or via telecommunications devices (for example telephones, text messages); data of recipients of the above data will be disclosed and updated on relevant event websites or in informational materials.
    8. producing statistics, measurements of quality and effectiveness,
    9. handling of complaints and securing claims.
  3. Data processing consisting in collecting, saving, and disclosing the data from the registration form is required to comply with legally justified purposes carried out by data controllers and data recipients. The participant's consent shall be required in the case of certain data or specific types of processing that are not indispensable to comply with the above purposes or in the case of purposes that are not sufficiently justified – specified separately in appropriate boxes or in consents at the end of the registration form.
  4. The data shall be processed solely for the time required to accomplish the processing purposes, however, not longer than until the time an objection is made to processing or the consent to process the data is revoked.
  5. The person who registers and opens the account shall be entitled to access and correct their data, in particular via the registration system and their account. The person who registers may at any time request to have their data corrected, deleted or the processing restricted; they shall also be entitled to object to specific processing and shall have the right to file a complaint to the competent supervisory body, subject to the applicable legal requirements.
  6. Complete information on the privacy policy for data controller's services, including information on detailed terms and conditions of personal data processing in compliance with Art. 13 and Art. 14 of GDPR, can be found here.

Organisational information

Participation in the Property Forum conference is free of charge for selected owners and managers of entities operating in the sector of commercial properties.

Participation in the Property Forum shall always be subject to the Organiser’s decision.

No catering shall be guaranteed within the basic (standard) package and the participants shall not be entitled to participate in evening banquets organised at the Property Forum.


If more than one person from one company/institution registers, it is necessary to open separate accounts (with a specific e-mail address for each person). If data is input and registration is made of a person other than the person inputting the data, such person guarantees that he/she has obtained the required authorisation to register and open the account and to provide the required consents on behalf of the registered person, as well as such person shall be liable for all consequences of data input not in compliance with the authorisation. Information concerning registration will sent to the specified e-mail address. The e-mail address shall also be required to log into the account.

Should you have any questions related to registration, please contact: rejestracja@ptwp.pl

No registration may be made at the above e-mail address; any registration requests sent by e-mail shall be rejected.